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Sideyard Birding

This year in addition to my cattle farming, veggie garden, flower garden, fruit trees, and other various tasks. I am adding another task to my list. Not one that I’m doing because I have to or because I feel it is important for one to be able to sustain oneself. But because I enjoy it.

I love birds so I’m going to try to turn my side yard into a little birdy paradise. (The dog pen is in the backyard, and I’m afraid they would scare away the little feathered guys.)

I have read that setting out water and hanging feeders is the quickest easiest way to attract birds to your yard. That sounds easy enough. Tube feeders seem to be the most popular and black oil sunflowers are supposed to attract the largest variety of birds. So I think I’ll try purchasing a bird bath and a tube feeder and see how that goes.


I’m really looking forward to luring the birds into my yard. I might do a little research on housing for the little guys so that I can keep them here to enjoy watching for even longer periods of time.

What have you found that is helpful in attracting birds to your yard?

  1. buford76mc answered: My wife uses Suet Feeding blocks, the birds love those, but so do the squirrels…
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